What our patients are saying…

“Every staff member that I had contact with was friendly, kind, and very professional. It is a pleasure visiting the office! I am always very impressed with Dr. Moore! He cares about his patients and always has their best interests at heart.”

-James K.


“Mariah is very personable and thorough and every gal who has assisted has been patient and willing to answer questions. Dr. Moore came highly recommended to me and I now know why. I haven’t had a bad experience.”

-Ruthann A.


“The office is clean and pleasing and Dr. Moore is very personable, caring, and wanting to see improvement in the condition he is treating. He is up on the latest techniques and very accommodating. He is interested in you.”

-James C.


“Dr. Moore and his staff were professional and respectful and showed concern for my comfort. He explained the procedure and was very gentle.”

-Anna D.


“Dr. Moore is talented, professional, and reassuring to his patients. He is also very comforting and a good “stitcher.” 

-Sarah B.


“I felt more at ease with Dr. Moore. He treated me as if I were a friend rather than a client.”

-Linda G.


“Dr. Moore has a very upbeat attitude and is very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Considering the circumstances, I can’t imagine a better experience.”

-Darrell E.


“The office is nice and neat, clean, and pleasing to the eye. It’s very relaxing. The front desk staff always greet you with a smile, hello, and ask how you are. Dr. Moore is fantastic!! He is very caring, considerate, concerned about your skin health, and you can barely see where I had a procedure performed. And even with all the patients he sees, he always remembers that I have a sister who is also a patient of his and he asks how she’s doing. I would recommend Dr. Moore to anyone and everyone. He is the best!!!”

-Judy H.


“I’ve never been to a dermatologist before, but had a good experience and would recommend this place to anyone. All the people I met were very nice and kind and very helpful. They made me feel very comfortable throughout my time there. Dr. Moore was very good about explaining questions and didn’t talk above you and treated me with care and respect.”

-Michael S.


“I was impressed when a nurse called me after surgery to check to see how I was. Dr. Moore is the best- gentle, kind, and answers all questions.”

-Leona M.


“Dr. Moore’s bedside manner is unparalleled. He truly cares and it is so evident.”

-Jill N.


The office is always clean and looks inviting with nice reading material that your disappointed when your name is called because you’re not done reading. Dr. Moore is always friendly. He seems to be a friend of yours and is interested in what is going on in your life and not just what is wrong with you.”

-Bill J.


“A class act- everyone is professional and deals with kindness and compassion. I would recommend DermacenterMD to everyone.”

-Nancy I.


“I have been blessed to see Josh two times and he was very willing and helpful both times.”

-Philip B.


“The medical staff was very kind, and willing to explain everything to me. Dr. Moore is positive, calming, smiles a lot and talked me through the procedure.”

-Mohs patient

“The office appearance is always very neat and the staff is very kind and well-trained. There is no one like Dr. Moore. He is always very kind and considerate.”

-Ray L.


“I very much liked that the procedure was detailed to me ahead of time. It worked out just that way.”

-Donald B.


"Dr. Moore always takes the time to talk to me about me and not just the medical reason why I came in. His staff always treats me in an exceptional manner. I have reccomended him to both friends and family."

-Barry P.


"I love the quiet atmosphere in the waiting room, especially the peaceful, inspiring videos showing on the TV screen. I also enjoyed the quiet, relaxing music playing during surgery. It was all very condusive to calming my nerves. Dr. Moore and his team are thoughtful, kind and professional. I wish more Dr.'s would approach their patients in the same way with true down home kindness- love it!"

- Sheila M.


"You can tell how much Dr. Moore cares about his patients. His staff is kind, professional, pleasant and prompt. As far as Dr.'s offices are concerned, Dr. Moore's is my favorite!"

- Joy M.


"Dr. Moore is cheerful and always asks about your life outside of the medical realm. He also takes time to answer questions and explains things very well."

- Sarah Y.


"Each one of Dr. Moore's medical assistants that I had contact with showed care and concern. They took time with me and didn't make me feel like they were in a hurry to move on to someone else."

- Kay C.


"I always enjoy coming to DermacenterMD! Everyone there is so friendly, accomodating, polite and helpful. Dr. Moore is very nice and he knows what he is talking about."

-Teresa J.



What our staff is saying…

“Dr. Moore is a great dermatologist and employer. I have never met a doctor who genuinely cares as much as Dr. Moore. He takes time to learn personal information about patients and staff because he really wants to establish a relationship. He is one of the hardest working men I know.”

-Witney C.


"Dr. Moore is an excellent physician who truly cares about his patients and has taught me that caring for patients is more than just making a diagnosis and writing and prescription, but getting to know them and hearing their stories. That’s what makes a physician truly great.”

-Mariah L.


“Mohs surgery is one of the most successful treatments. It provides patients with the comfort of knowing their skin cancer has been successfully removed upon completion of their surgery.”

-Amy N.


“DermacenterMD is a place where you are going to be taken care of. From the moment you call to check out, we want to take the time to know you. We don’t often have places we go where they know your name, but here at DermacenterMD, we keep that small town feel with state of the art treatments.”

-Jen O.


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